Crossroads Baptist

Ann Malena

Mon, Jul 08, 2019 at 8:41AM

Ann asks that we would pray for her family. See her request below.

"I am asking that Crossroads Church pray for my granddaughter Amanda and her husband Marshall Macon and their (not yet born, due October 31,19) little girl Makylah Anne. Amanda is now 23 weeks into her pregnancy, and the baby is fine, but the mother now has problems. God hears our prayers, and I'm asking that you please have everyone pray for my granddaughter and that our baby girl and mom will go full term. Amanda and Marshall have dreamed of having 4 children, and they are exceptional people who would do anything to help others in need. I can't tell you how the world is blessed with these 2 young people. Thank you for the opportunity of having prayer sent onto our Lord God."

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