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2 Timothy 4







Finishing The Race


In our text, the apostle Paul is penning his last words before he would die a martyr for Christ. The aged apostle had many battle scars from a life that was dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus Christ (stoned, whipped, beaten with rods, three times shipwrecked, imprisoned, etc.).

But notice what he says in verses 6-7, at the end of his life. “I have finished my course.” The word “course” literally means “race.” It was not unusual for Paul to liken the Christian life to a race. He did this in other places in Scripture also.

The Christian life is not a 50-yard dash; it is a marathon. Endurance is the key. Some Christians start out well, but then they give up and quit. They run out of gas. 

You must finish your course. Finish the race. All of us will trip and fall and make mistakes. But the question is, will you get up and keep going? Will you stay in the race, or let Satan knock you out of the race? Maybe you are fighting discouragement today. Don’t give up!

How can we finish the race? Let’s look into 2 Timothy 4 and see.

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