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Walk Through Bethlehem

Walk Through Bethlehem is coming soon!

After a break last year due to construction, Walk Through Bethlehem is back! We have added over 5,000 square feet of space to our property. This will house a spacious lobby which will include a café and a beautiful children's indoor playground. Click here to learn more! This space will provide a great location for people to wait for their tour through Bethlehem in December.

The dates for WTB are December 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, & 22. You can come anytime between 6-9 PM.

We can't wait to see you there!

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Walk Through Bethlehem Promo Video

What to Expect

Walk Through Bethlehem is an outdoor drama event that is offered free to our community during the Christmas season. We have been able to use this ministry for the glory of God since 2002 when it first began. It has been made possible thanks to hundreds of volunteers at our church.

The Walk Through Bethlehem set is a 22,000 square foot city that takes over three months to construct. Men give up their Saturday mornings to build the city. Several ladies in our church have sewn hundreds of authentic-looking costumes. The city includes several streets, twenty-three shops, four hundred costumed characters, hundreds of volunteers, and several live animals, including a camel. In 2002 we had no idea of what to expect as far as attendance, or if anyone would come. We had 4,000 attend in the beginning, and it has only grown since with about 8-10,000 every year. Each year it seems that God sends us more people to meet and to introduce to our Savior.

What is significant is that we are able to give every person that attends the opportunity to hear about the Christ of Christmas and why He came. Walk Through Bethlehem is only an experience, but having a relationship with Christ is something that lasts forever. The experience will not change you, but Christ will!

The Lord has truly blessed this ministry, and we look forward to the blessings He will bring this year as we take another Walk Through Bethlehem. See you there!

Special Considerations Before Taking the Tour:

  • This is an outdoor event, so keep the weather in mind and dress accordingly.
  • This tour is not suitable for walker/wheelchair/motorized scooter users. Even though we attempted to offer wheelchair services in the past, we are no longer able to do so.
  • Guests must be able to walk over various uneven surfaces.
  • We do our best to move groups into, and through, the tour as quickly as possible. Due to large volume of visitors, and to give the best experience for each tour, there may be a wait time of 45-60 minutes before your tour group enters the city.



1st Weekend: December 13, 14, & 15

2nd Weekend: December 19, 20, 21, & 22

Time: 6-9 PM


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